The voicemail box stores all of your voice messages and keeps you connected with your customers and prospects even when you are not answering their calls. You are informed about every new message immediately via a text to your cell phone or through email.

Voicemail boxes are created for your main number as well as each message-taking or PBX extension. Simply create an extension for each employee, department, or for individual marketing campaigns and each will have its own voicemail box. Voice messages can be transcribed and read through email or listened to by clicking on a link contained in the email.

Benefits of voicemail service:

Helps to maintain constant contact with customers and prospects
You are immediately notified of every new voicemail message
Read your messages or listen to them by clicking a link in an email
You can create multiple voicemail boxes

Use the voicemail service from iTollFreeService to stay in touch with your customers even when you can't answer their calls!

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Yada Yada Marketing, Inc.
Yada Yada Marketing, Inc.

"We are a Google certified company and we drive traffic to web sites for our clients. All of these sites have forms for prospects to fill out. We added the 800 numbers from iTeleCenter and the results have been amazing. With iTeleCenter we are able to see exactly how many calls came in, the time of day, and the number they called from, and even track the ROI on our PPC campaigns! The iTeleCenter number is one of the most important things we have added to our business."

Keller Williams Pasadena Realtors
Keller Williams Pasadena Realtors

"Since teaming up 0with iTeleCenter, the sales process has improved immensely. Our agents set up unique marketing extensions for their listings, ensuring prospective buyers can learn more about individual properties whenever they are ready. Additional extensions offering free audio reports also have proven effective at attracting potential buyers and sellers."